Finding dresses for your bridesmaids is often a more stressful task than most women think it will be. You need to match them to you event colors, you need to dress them all similarly despite sizing differences and you need to all magically find time to shop and try things on together. But what if I told you that dressing bridesmaids doesn’t have to be this hard.

What if I told you, you could do it in minutes online and still get the chance to try things on with your girls?

It would be almost like I found a mini miracle right? Well you are in luck, I have.

BridesMade is this amazing online store that is an absolute sanity saver when it comes to shopping for your bridesmaid’s dresses. Don’t you want to know why they are an amazing sanity saver for both you and your girls? I will tell you the many ways in which BridesMade is working lower the stress levels of brides and ease the bank accounts of bridesmaids everywhere.

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Better On The Wallet

Since you can both buy and rent your dresses from BridesMade it is perfect for small budgets like mine. Renting usually costs start at $70.00/dress and if you fall in love with it on the day you can buy it starting at only $100! This will make your bridesmaids very happy if they are covering costs as well as yourself if you are covering them for your maids. Renting also ensures that you aren’t stuck with a dress you wont wear again, but I know you will want to wear this all the time – especially since you can wear it 25 different ways!

Plus Size Friendly

Infinity dresses are amazing and each of BridesMade’s dresses are infinity dresses. Meaning they are endlessly interchangeable and have 25 different looks you can play with and they’re guaranteed to fit beautifully on all shapes. It also means that each one of your bridesmaids will be able to find a style that they both love and feel comfortable in all day/night of your big day. Which will keep all of you happy – with nothing but flattering colors in their inventory. If you are worried about the fit you can order one of their sample kits and host your girls over for a fun movie night filled with playing dress up! A brilliant way to bond before the wedding and master your look. Probably one of the most stress free ways to handle your dress shopping.

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With 90% of bridesmaids never wearing their dresses again you can imagine how many end up tossed over the years. This is exactly what BridesMade hopes to avoid. By renting out dresses they are getting the most out of each and every single dress while helping to not contribute to the 15 million tonnes of textile waste on our planet. They even use the more worn dresses are sent out in the sample packs which helps stretch their life even more. It is a great way to find the perfect dresses in a guilt free way and at a great price.

With all these reasons it is hard to believe there could be another reason to love this idea, but there is. They take care of all the shipping logistics and that is all included in your rental costs. You can even arrange postal pick up if drop off for you isn’t an option following your wedding. They really have made this whole aspect of my wedding plans completely joyful and stress-free and we can’t wait to see them!

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  1. I remember the hard time my sister had with bridesmaid dresses because 2 of them lived out of state. This would help the process.

  2. This is so handy! I couldn’t’ make it happen so i just gave the girls a cooler tone and they all had different dresses in a similar colour.

  3. Very cool. Sounds like the ideal place to find a bridesmaids dress.

  4. I LOVE this! Also really digging that they offer Plus Size. Such a fabulous idea to have the sample kits too. Plus, would make a fun pre wedding get together for all the bridesmaids.

  5. Aw man! I wish this company wea around when I was planning my wedding.The rental aspect really appeals to the environmentalist in me.

  6. What a brilliant idea…. MAN do I ever wish this service was around when I got married. OR WAIT! Was it? LOL

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