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Getting ready for a wedding can be stressful. Planning it and coordinating everyone’s needs can be one of the hardest tasks you will ever complete in your life. Which is why I think it is important to remember to have a little down time. Of course I have a hard time being able to relax so when I say down time from living and breathing a wedding what I mean is binge watch wedding movies on Netflix. So here’s what to watch on Netflix if you are having, going to or planning a wedding this 2018!

Table 19

Creating a seating plan is one of the harder points to putting a wedding together. Inevitably you have that table of leftover guests that don’t really go with the rest of the tables and you end up clumping them together. Well this is all about that exact table, of course this group has a few more issues that your average wedding guest. With Kristen Bell in the mix though you are on board for a great movie filled with lots of hilarious ups and downs. Maybe more downs but this is a great movie to get you excited to see some of those long lost friends at your wedding or to perhaps help you realize you don’t need to invite everyone you’ve ever met.

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Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates

All weddings are stressful and sometimes all you can do is laugh so why not do so while watching this great Zac Efron film. Filled with non stop hilarious antics this movie is a great waste of time to help you relax. It is a great way to get in a few laughs before the big day. of course a little bit of Zac Efron never hurt anyone either.

112 Weddings

Looking for some perspective on your own big day by taking a look into 112 past weddings? This documentary is an incredible inside look into over a hundred amazing weddings over a couple decades. Hearing from the couples before, during and few years after their documented wedding. This is a brilliant look at all things that go with the wedding and it has a big correlation to bigger doesn’t always mean better. It is an amazing watch, but sometimes not the most encouraging.

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The Big Wedding

Anything with Robin Williams in it is a great movie, add Robert DeNiro and the movie just hit a whole new level. This great comedic look into a new couples big day is the perfect movie to remember how important and insane family can be. To embrace all the messiness of each others families with a smile on your face and a heart filled with love and laughter.

Bride & Prejudice

Bollywood movies are some of my favorites, I love how lively they are and filled with amazing colors, just like their intense weddings. Bride & Prejudice is an incredibly fun look into putting together a big Indian wedding. With beautiful people, beautiful voices, and great music this is a watch to help you get excited for your big day or the big day you are helping to plan.

what to watch on netflix
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Monster in Law

I love Jane Fonda this woman is golden and in Monster in Law she is the perfect amount of evil. She really puts her soon to be daughter in law to the test throughout this movie and all its hilarity. I love this movie, mostly because my mother in law is nothing like this, and I think it is a very funny way to waste an hour or to watch while you are folding laundry, exactly what I did yesterday.

What is your favorite wedding movie?


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