Valentine's Day Wreath

Can you guys tell that I am on a wreath kick this year? I have already made a couple versions of this wreath but now I am going to add yet another one: a Valentine’s Day wreath. Simple, sweet and elegant just like the ones you love… unless you are a mom of boys. Elegance may not be in the picture if that’s the case.

Regardless though we all love to add a little love to our homes so why not put up a Valentine’s wreath to spread that to your neighbors!

So I ditched the Christmas look it used to have and stripped it back down to just the wreath and the red floral wiring I had already put on it.

Valentine's Day WreathAfter this point it was simple wire manipulation and that was that. It is simple, didn’t cost me anything in terms of new material and it looks great on our front door. It is honestly amazing how much life you can get out of your own projects if you just put a little thought into their creation.

Valentine's Day Wreath

You don’t have to have tons of money to make something lovely for any holiday and I can’t wait to see what I come up with for St. Patricks’ Day!

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day at your house or is that just us?


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