Night Light

Having little ones in your home sometimes means that bed time can be an on going challenge. From bed wetting to being afraid of the dark our kids really manage to throw us all for a loop. For my boys especially the night time darkness throughout the house really bothers them. We have tried, broken and loved to death many night lights – I think I can say we are experts. But as a mom I am tired of having to replace them as often as I do, or their batteries depending on the night light. Most of the time I end up having to leave the bathroom lights fully on all night long or the hallway light. Most days I wake up to find my youngest asleep with his light on – you can imagine the damage that does over time to my electricity bill.

I have found something that brings an end to all of that though and its these amazing Sensory Night Lights from Canadian Classroom.

These night lights are exactly what you want. One part of them plugs into the wall that will them wirelessly charge your night light that you can place anywhere you need it. That night light will them only go on when it senses movement and it will always stay charged so you always have it when you need it without thinking about it. Making leaving the lights on all night a thing of the past and having to refill batteries all the time too!

Night Light

They come in three different size styles and all of those you can get in three different colors. For us this has been a major lifesaver and I can’t wait to see what kind of savings I manage to get not using my lights at night anymore in the New Year.

These aren’t just a great idea for kids though, having a few of these in different places all over the house can be exactly what you need. Putting them dark rooms where light switches aren’t the most accessible like garages or basements. They could be a great way to get some extra light inside those dark closet corners too making sure you can see everything perfectly.

Today I have a surprise too, thanks to the great folks at Canadian Classroom we will be giving away one of these amazing square shaped sensory night lights just for you! Just enter below for your chance to win one, winner will be announce Dec 25th so this will be our Christmas gift too you!

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  1. I would LOVE one of these. Great for bathroom trips in the night. Don’t have to run in to things-lol! Amazing Contest!! Thanks for the chance!

  2. I would love one in the bathroom, since it’s in the hallway and links the bedrooms, and other rooms.

  3. I would use this in the hallway it’s pitch dark

  4. I would use it for when my son busts into our room at 3am…

  5. I’d use it in the hallway between bedrooms and washroom.

  6. I would use this night light in my son’s room.

  7. I would use for my son’s room as its always a challenge getting him to bed.

  8. This would be nice for the hallway

  9. I’d put this in the hallway by the bathroom!

  10. I would use my night light in my hallway to avoid bumps and bruises.

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