I think that all kids should be given the chance to try out the things they are interested in, one of those things for my boys is movie making. They love to create little films at home with wild ideas of becoming TV, film makers or youtube stars. They are my little dreamers and I want to keep that up.

A couple Christmas’s ago I got them the very first #Stikbot and they loved it. It was the best this for the longest time and this year I wanted to help them broaden their movie making horizons with their latest version! This new one comes with whole scenes they can play with like farms or pirate ships. They even come with great little props and even more characters to play around with.

Now my little ones and your little ones can create epic adventure scenes with ease! This can even help get them comfortable with creating their own scenery props and new locations to film in. This is a great way to encourage your little ones to use those dusty imaginations, for kids who are always given things to entertain them it can be a little harder to be the ones creating that entertainment. It is a brilliant way to get those little brains buzzing with excitement with their own creations. Making these things accessible and easy makes them more interested in learning more and asking questions about the industry – things I want them to get excited about.

With their great and simple to use app your kids will be off creating non stop for hours on end. This is going to be one gift you will want this year to encourage your little film makers.

Tell me, do your little ones like to create through film?


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