Winter Season

As opposed to what most people think, you can dress trendy and classy even when the weather gets chilly. In fact, it can be quite fun to add layers to stay warm and look stylish at the same time.

With so many options in hand, getting dressed in colder months is exciting. If you have the trendiest look for the season, you can get the right inspiration and slay with style in winter.

Here are the top five winter fashion trends to look up to this season.

White Is The New Black

The easiest pick for winter is definitely the black color. But it’s time to pick white so you can stand out from the crowd. White looks superb and crisp when the temperature starts dropping. From cozy sweater tops to knitted dresses to warm pantsuits and caps, the best part is that there are tons of options to choose from – the color white has it all!

Not sure how to get the perfect combination of winter clothing that’s all white?

Follow these tips:

  • Pick a white dress and pair it up with black accessories and knee-length boots.
  • Got white summer maxi? Utilize it this winter and pair it with ankle boots and a bright, contrasting jacket.
  • Turn a simple white winter top and complete the look with bright red shoes and accessories.
  • Don’t hesitate in wearing white from head to toe. For instance, a pair of white trousers can be worn with a white fur coat and white sneakers.
  • Don’t think about ditching the denim. Classic denim jeans with a white top/coat will create a style statement of its own.

Coats Are Always In

A statement coat is all you need this winter to look super stylish without any added effort. A coat that brings out your individuality has to be bold and interesting. Pick a print that instantly catches the eye. Give your winter appearance the extra edge by choosing bold and beautiful colors.

For the additional touch, use a white or black belt to belt up the coat around the waist. If you don’t have a coat yet, it’s time to invest in one. This is a must-have for your wardrobe you shouldn’t miss!


Knitwear Means Coziness

Knitwear has been around for decades and is a winter fashion trend which is here to stay! In fact, stylists have proven how knitwear is going to be a big hit this winter too.

The best part is that knitwear is versatile. It’s available in different styles – including dresses, sweaters, tops, gloves, and capes. If you already have a few of these in your winter collection – it’s a bonus!

If you’re planning to buy some new knitwear stuff, go for something baggy and chunky. This will bring a unique vibe to your winter fashion.

To give it an interesting twist, pair a knitwear top with denim pants.

Turtleneck Style Top Completes The Look

Everyone is a fan of this neck style.

This style is not only oh-so-chic, but is a perfect top to keep you warm and toasty. You may opt for a fitted style or pick something more baggy and oversized.

Still feeling cold? Add comfort to your turtleneck style by getting a WearSaga jacket.


Accessories Can’t Be Forgotten

Fashionable accessories add the missing oomph to your winter collection. Here are a few things you can’t miss out:

  • Fingerless Gloves: The best way to keep your hands warm without restricting your fingers. Choose the color and style that’s made for you!
  • Scarf: A scarf is a great winter accessory that provides high functionality. Get a large one so it keeps you warm and covered.
  • Fancy Warm Gloves: Don’t ditch your gloves if you don’t want your fingers to freeze. The best way is to get soft and fancy gloves so you can wear those to parties and keep yourself warm.

Tell me what you your favorite piece of winter fashion right now??


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