I was not approached to do this in anyway and I wasn’t at all obligated to do so, instead i wanted to pass along a great experience with you all; something like this can benefit anyone in our blogging spectrum.  

If you haven’t heard about Blogelina I really suggest to take the time to give her a look.  She is FILLED with great information and was even the reason how i met some of you thru her great blog clan idea!  She is really someone you can count on for some solid blogging advice AND she even has a few really amazing and helpful e-books that have really helped me make my steps towards making this blogging thing, that I love and adore, something I can eventually make an income with.  Something that i not only work hard at every day but provides for me, because of that hard work.  Now I am love finding lovely people who can help me out with tips etc and she is one of my good contacts.

Recently she started an online class accompanied by great work book containing some amazing information.  I decided to be only of the lucky ones to get into the class she was holding.  Four classes over a period of a month, that were highly worth my time and genuinely taught me a ton!  Not only did she manage to teach me a ton and answer all my questions about blogging effectively, how to start a professional stance in the blogging world in order to get the attention of advertisers etc… but she managed to take the time to help ALL of us on ALL different levels obtain something from the class.  She took care of each of our individual needs and really encouraged all of us feeding information to one another, expressing our thoughts, opinions and personal experiences.

During these last four weeks I have learnt a lot and met whole new spectrum of bloggers, which i always encourage for anyone looking to widen their horizons.  But i have even more!  She even offers FREE web hosting for anyone who takes the class.  Yes that is right out of nowhere she surprised us all and told us we ALL are receiving one year free web hosting from GoDaddy.com!  That means I have a whole year to save up another $84.00; but with all her great e-books and classes i should hopefully be able to apply what i have learned and do that in no time :D!  I highly recommend this class it is REALLY worth the time!


On another note tomorrow is the official opening of Erin and I’s new blog!! So please follow along our first blog will be posted tomorrow at 10:00 AM!!! 
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  1. I will indeed go check out Blogina. And you my dear have an AWARD on my blog waiting on you. (=

    Happy New Year! I hope you and the family have a great weekend.

  2. I will check out Blogelina. Sounds nice.

    Happy New Year to you. Lots of love.

  3. Cool! I’ve looked at the site before, but need to look into her classes more.

  4. Thank you so much for the kind review! I’ve had a lot of fun with the classes… and am really excited about the upcoming ones! It’s been great getting to know you and hearing all your input!

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