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As a family planning trips can be a huge challenge. Whether you are trying to juggle your plans, balance your budget or entertain them in the airport it can be patience testing. Being able to prepare for all situations can also seem impossible but you can do it! I even managed to create a list of tips for the family that travels together, because family travelling is hard enough on your bank account, it shouldn’t be on your psyche too!

Small Activity Packs
Sometimes when you are travelling you are stuck, or so your kids think. Stuck in a restaurant, stuck in a line, stuck in a cab, stuck in an airport etcetera, etcetera. Being able to have a variety of easy to access, small activity packs is a great way to do that. This great portable road trip kit from Mama Papa Bubba is perfect for just that! If you need to focus them and keep them quiet then these beautiful soft rainbow quiet books by today I felt crafty might be another great idea. The best part about both of these ideas is there they are adaptable and there are a million ideas out there to help you create bigger and specifically catered books for your kids!

Easy Access Snacks
Nothing will ruin family travelling faster than a hangry child. Nothing makes any mom more unhappy than not being able to get in a snack when needed and same goes for your partner! Having a decent selection of snacks for everyone when you are out and about travelling can be crucial. It is also a great way to help diffuse a sticky situation from time to time when it is desperately needed. Never run out and keep stocking up as you go!

family travelling

Fun Travel Gear
Nothing says travel like walking through super huge airports and having tired little ones walking behind you at the slowest pace possible. Thankfully nowadays they have amazing things to help fix those types of issues – especially during the holidays when airports are crazy enough and things are always late… including you. They have these amazing things now: Multi-Functional Ride On Scooter Luggage from DeVu that your kid can ride from point A to point B. These things are the most amazing idea and before you ask, yes there are adult ones out there. DeVu doesn’t just do kids luggage either they also have amazing strollers that you need to see, not only are they a great product but they give back to a beautiful cause. This company is all about helping moms not just keep their sanity during vacation time but also the ones truly in need.

Thanks to them one of you lucky readers will have the chance to own your very own piece of ride on luggage for your little one!

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  1. Oh my goodness!! This would be a lifesaver at the airport!

  2. This would be fab for our wee dude whose legs are merely for decorative purposes only

  3. This would be perfect for my youngest grandson. They travel with him to various destinations each year. I think their next trip will be to Disneyland so he could scoot around the airport with them on this.

  4. Wede love to try and get to Disney!

  5. Our favourite place to travel as a family is Victoria.

  6. This would be very handy because my kiddo will have ownership over her own stuff and encourages her to pack her things by herself.

  7. When we go to visit our family it involves over 12 hours of flying and 4 airports and not all of them have a place for kids to rest or play. This scooter would be a great help!

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