I wanted to share with you just how awesome my eldest is at helping to take care of his little brother.  Well i at leased wanted to share the latest way in which he helps.  He really enjoys to help feed him!  Isn’t that cute??  He amazes me by just how much he loves to help out with him.  How he wants to care for him and watch out for him.  He even asks to “wake up the baby” when hes down for his naps.  Which is too cute for words actually.

I love how these two little boys have managed to really connect to one another.  Youngest just screams with glee when he is around eldest, even if eldest isn’t impressed with him at the time.  They both manage to share pretty well considering their age.  I really couldn’t ask for a better more well blended pair of kids!  I am just so happy my eldest knows AND USES his please’s, thank you’s and your welcomes wherever he can.  I love how he is able to give love to everyone when they need it.  He is my big SMOOSH!!

Isn’t that cute??!  He’s so helpful i can’t even believe it!  He even cleans up his toys, sometimes with a fight, but for a three year old he is so polite, helpful and tidy!  Very impressed with my eldest and I wanted to glow with pride here at all of you lol! 

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  1. Way to go, big brother! You have such adorable children. Not everyone is so lucky to have the older one actually want to help out! Big hugs to you!

  2. What a sweet big brother! I can only hope that my little terror will help me out with her little sibling when we decide to have another. So far she says she will, but she’s 2 and she’ll say anything to get what she wants and right now she wants a baby sister. haha.

    Keep it up big brother!

  3. I’m so impressed! You must be an awesome mom. I’m sure little one is going to be just as sweet little boy as his big brother with such a good example he’s set. That’s awesome!

  4. This post just made me want to hurry up and get pregnant again, haha!

  5. @kitten lol!! you’re too cute, I wish I could always have babies around… all i have to do is win the lottery lol!

  6. Awww that’s so cute. I think it really shows what a great mom you are that your children get along so well.

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