unicone rainbow swirl maker

I am the biggest fan of unicorns and this year there is something on the market that I know a lot of you nerdy moms are going to want to get your hands on… you know for your kids. Totally just for your kids (WINKY FACE). The Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker is everything that you want it to be and must be totally inspired by that squatty potty commercial from a few years back. This amazing little device helps you make fun, and delicious, rainbow swirl dessert using none other than you’re very own unicorn.

I mean who doesn’t want their own unicorn!?!? BONUS this one makes you dessert!

If you have kids who love unicorns then you have to land them this for the holidays – it is going to be tons of smiles and laughter to your home making it the perfect gift.

Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker

Unicone comes with everything you need to make a few amazing little rainbow swirl treats and it is super simple to put together. The fact that this toy is beyond adorable really makes it that much more fun.

Just look at its little face!

Unicone Rainbow Swirl MakerIt is the only unicorn shaped chilled dessert maker on the market and when your kids see it they will loose their minds. Even my boys love this and we use it regularly now, they think the whole thing is hilarious and are just as big a fans of cute unicorns as the next guy! We have even managed to get it to work with frozen yogurt when it was nice and soft.

This our new favorite toy this year and we hope that you will give it a try too. After all it is more fun to play and create at the same time. Bonus for mom getting served up ice cream on the regular now!

Who would love the unicone rainbow swirl maker in your house?

** I received this product from JAKKS Toys in exchange for this post. All opinions and experiences are my own. 


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