red plaid holiday

This year, like everyone else, I am obsessed with red plaid. I am all about the Canadian Christmas look and I am so thrilled that everyone else seems to finally understand the pure awesome of red plaid. The last time I saw so many people in love with red plaid it was legit the 90s – but it is back and it is back in all its glory! Presidents Choice has even jumped on the bandwagon and has a bunch of amazing stuff to help us feel super cozy this holiday season.

Thankfully, a long while ago, PC invited my son and I to go check out all the holiday goodies they were going to be releasing for the holidays. They had decked the halls all over to show us how we can use their goodies to cover our homes in affordable red plaid EVERYTHING!

red plaid holidayThey have it all too, everything you can think of they have made it red plaid and I almost lost my son amongst all the throw pillows and teddy bears! It was a great sneak peak and everything they have rolled out for the Christmas season.

From placemats to reusable bags they have everything you need to go all red plaid this year if you wanted too. Their amazing large mugs and bowls are perfect for the men in your life with their truck and tree details. Everything this year scream CANADA and I can’t get enough – for most of these things you can get lots of use out of them. I know I will be using my red plaid shopping bag all year round without a doubt!

Their stockings are so amazing with their plush exterior and I swear tardis like insides (super big and can fit lots of goodies!). I loved their red plaid throw pillows that I know I need to put on my list to Santa this year along with a travel mug or two!

So if you are looking for red plaid anything this year, and for a great price, check out your local PC store for your red plaid holiday!

** This content has NOT been sponsored by Preschoice – I attended an event in September and am choosing to include it based on personal desire to do so.



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