Both of my boys have been reading the book Wonder this year at school, and this is one of the first books they’ve been excited about in school – EVER. That is why our family is so thrilled to see that Wonder was made into an incredible movie starring some incredible stars.

With Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay we know that this incredible cast is going to bring to life this book that both my boys have grown to love. If you didn’t know already Wonder tells the incredible story of Auggie Pullman who, after being home-schooled for four years and suffers from a facial difference, enters the fifth grade at Beecher Prep School and does his best to be just an ordinary kid. This film is about overcoming challenges, familial bonds, bullying, and friendship.


It is a must-see film that truly pulls at your heart strings and displays the amazing strength of one individual on a journey that unites a community. Which is why I can’t wait to take both my boys to go see it this week or next! After moving schools themselves a couple years ago they know how hard things can be and they appreciate all those kids who made it easier for them. I can’t wait to see the amazing story unfold and I am so thrilled that both my boys are super excited to be going.

So if you are like us and you are planning on heading out to this movie and you’re already hearing: “are we going tonight? how about tonight? is tonight family movie night? are we going now?”. I thought it might help to give them something to do that is Jacob Tremblay approved and of course its science related!

You see Auggie is a bit of a science lover and its the one thing he loves to do that brings him supreme joy and confidence. This going to be a family classic and you can already see it in theatres as of November 17th, 2017! Make a night of it and take the whole family out to see this incredible film that has every elementary school buzzing with excitement.

Tell me who in your house is excited to see Wonder???


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