As some of you know I hate folding, I LOATHE it.  I have a constant massive pile of clothes in my bedroom to back me up on that one as well.  I would rather clean a line up of dirty toilets than fold my cleaned laundry.  When i get dressed in the morning I can look for up to 20 min for a pair of socks for JUST myself.  So what did I do about it?!?!

I GOT FUNKY SOCKS!! You have no idea how easy it is to find these things in the massive pile of laundry ITS AMAZING!! I will NEVER search for a pair of sock nor will my thought “maybe I should actually fold this mess” HA!  I can forever find my socks AND NOT fold laundry.  It is the perfect compromise don’t you think?? 

What is your least favorite chore??  What did you do to solve your cleaning woes??!

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  1. I hate washing the dishes, it used to gross me out. But since we discovered a dish scrubber with a handle (so that I don’t get to touch the sponge or the “dirty” plate) I sometimes wash the dishes now… well, I started doing it last year. 🙂

  2. I’m getting funky socks!!! I hate folding too. In fact we went out last night just so our sitter would fold 6 baskets of laundry!!

  3. I love funky sox ~ even for me! ~ LOL and I agree they are easy to find when folding all the other stuff ~ fun blog ~ hugs and namaste, cz:)

  4. I love funky sox ~ even for me! ~ LOL and I agree they are easy to find when folding all the other stuff ~ fun blog ~ hugs and namaste, cz:)

  5. All of my socks look like these 🙂 Oh wait, there’s one nice white pair of dress socks. Funky socks just don’t work with Mary Janes.
    I hate vaccuuming. Luckily hubby doesn’t, and can’t stand dirty carpet, so when I leave it too long (aka never do it) he goes and grabs the vaccuum!

  6. I can SO relate to this. Washing & drying clothes? Don’t mind. Putting them away? Eh. I’d rather not. That’s why they sit for weeks, sometimes months in a basket. Yes, I am guilty. & funky socks? I have a TON of those. They are easy to find. Ha! LOL

  7. You are so funny and completely right- everyone has that one chore that they can’t stand doing! Mine happens to be the dishes. I could eat off paper everything forever if it meant I didnt have to do the dishes! Have you ever bought toe socks- they are always crazy designs so you would be sure to find them right away:-)

  8. @shalyn I LOVE TOE SOCKS!! I haven’t bought a pair since high school i wanted to for this winter though, maybe next year lol!

  9. Do the funk uh uh uh! Do the funk uh uh uh!
    Hubby got me Snap-On hot pink socks which are my fave! So what if I wear clashing cobalt blue shorts with them!

  10. Those are so super cute! My daughter would love them. I also hate folding. I don’t mind doing the laundry, it’s the folding and putting away that’s hard…

  11. I HATE folding laundry too!!! I’m getting really bad about putting it off to the very last day before I wear pajamas to work… Haha. Last week, I got caught wearing my Halloween socks because the rest were all dirty! This is a great idea tho! Then you can pair them off much easier!!

  12. You wanna know what’s funny? Kids these days actually wear two different kinds of socks. On purpose! My niece did that the other day, and I was shocked when she told me that was the style.

    Food for thought. It would solve your laundry folding woes and you’d be ultra hip to boot.

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