Pull My Finger Game

This year I have been looking for something that both my boys can enjoy doing together, that forces them to play together and that will give them a ton of laughs. Of course, like most boys, mine are all farts and gross things. I figured out fast that finding fart related toys for my kids, that wouldn’t bother me, would be a hard task indeed.

Then this magical pull my finger monkey game was shown to me and I knew I had found the holy grail of bonding toys for my boys. They’re getting to the age where my eldest wants more privacy and getting them to enjoy each others company is becoming more and more difficult. With their love of farts and monkey’s I knew this game is going to be a huge hit this Christmas.

Pull My Finger Game

An easy to put together and play game it is perfect for young kids to play together without parents or super fun to play with the whole family. It even comes with a replacement butt in case things get crazy and a fart gets away from the poor monkey. Straight out of the box this game gets you laughing with its emotive face and banana spinner.

JAKKs toys adapted this game from a Bay Tek classic ticket pulling arcade game. This at home version is perfect for any fart loving little kids, which is basically all of them, especially my “Monkey-Men” as we call them. There are hours of fun to be had with this simple game where everyone is the winner. As a mom of two boys who are at the age of constant fighting it is fun to see them laugh over a game rather than argue about who is winning. With this game everyone wins because everyone is laughing no matter who gets the fart everyone is having a good time.

Pull My Finger Game

This game is the perfect game to bring my boys back together and remembering family isn’t about competition – its about having fun together, no matter how silly.

*This post is sponsored by JAKKs Toys and we appreciate them wanting to be involved! All opinions are 100% my own and not influenced by compensation.




  1. oh my gosh, my kids would totally get a kick out of this!!!

  2. Oh gosh, this is too funny! At what points are fart jokes no longer funny? I still laugh at them!

  3. Can anyone share with me were I can buy this game ?
    Please my twins will love it

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