If you are like me you are already faced with the harsh reality that you’ve completed all of Stranger Things and withdrawals are starting to hit. You are already craving the faces of Eleven, Will and the gang… but you know you are faced with a long wait for Season 3. So now that you’ve finished Stranger Things what are you going to watch?

Luckily for you, I am a Netflix-binge-watching-expert and I am here to help you make it through this dark and trying time. I have a great list of amazing shows to watch and keep you busy so that the time passes faster and Season 3 is here sooner; you’re welcome.

She’s Gotta Have It

Coming out November 23rd this show is going to be a wild ride. If you are a lover of Sex and the City and crave to see something more woman empowering than that, this show is your perfect choice. It is going to be all kinds of saucy and empowering following the life of an artist juggling three men of completely different walks of life. This gorgeous woman is going to be your new favorite spirit animal, making this the perfect bathtub soak show.


If you need something exciting and more fantasy focused then the fact that Netflix just released Fate/Apocrypa (3rd in the Fate/Zero anime series) is going to be the best news. Fighting against each other for the Holy Grail and fate of the planet once again these warriors will keep you begging for more. With a little more sex appeal in this season than past it is going to be an exciting story to follow – this is one anime I can’t get enough of.

Big Mouth

Looking for a new adult cartoon to fall in love with? Something that speaks to the younger you and the parent inside? Big Mouth is perfect. Following the raunchy journey’s of teens just beginning their adventure through puberty. Filled with tons of laughs and flashbacks to the days where puberty was just hitting you and you were a hormonal mess. Their song “everybody bleeds” needs to be the new anthem for girls and their period. This show is fantastic, genius and worth binge watching all in one day.


Food, Booze and Tattoos

Did you cancel cable and miss the great Food shows you used to watch? Well Netflix keeps making us happy by dishing out new food shows all the time and this: Food, Booze and Tattoos is my new favorite. This while journey through Johannesburg, Africa will give you a wild look at this amazing place. The food is amazing, the people who cook and brew are incredible and the tattoo art is spectacular. The amazing mix of people in this amazing city is fantastic and I now really want to visit.


If you haven’t watched Shameless you better do it quick before the new season is released and are super behind. This crazy dysfunctional family keeps me wanting more and more of them. Their glorious mess covered in love is heartbreaking and inspiring all at once. This family is shameless to the max and I adore this show. With the great cast and brilliant characters I know you will love them in all their messy glory just like I do.

Armed with all these shows you might just make it through the long wait for Stranger Things season 3. Don’t forget they also have a great video game you can try!

Tell me what are you watching on Netflix right now??


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