Remembrance Day

For us up here in Canada between Halloween and Christmas, rather than Thanksgiving, we have Remembrance Day. A day, much like veterans day in the states, recognizes the sacrifices made by the many soldiers who have fought for our countries. Remembrance Day is a day of mourning, remembering and solemn recognition. It is also a hard day to show your support for in a way that is both respectful and tasteful – which is why I wanted to create something affordable, simple and elegant anyone can create.

This DIY Remembrance Day Wreath is a beautiful way to show support to families members who were/are veterans, while still showing a deep respect for their personal sacrifices. Which is why this year I wanted to make a little special something for our front door this Remembrance Day all from supplies you can get at the dollar store!

Remembrance DayWhat you need:
Willow branch wreath in any size, I went with a smaller size.
Red floral wire
Gold washy tape (optional) 
3 Poppies (make a generous donation)

What to do:
Spread out your red wire and begin wrapping it around your willow branch wreath.

Remembrance Day Remembrance DayOnce you have your wire spread around your wreath, just the way you like it, begin using the washy tape in a small portion of the wreath. Place it in an area you’ll be placing your poppies; not only will it help keep your poppies in place it will add a simplistic flare.

remembrance day Once you have your poppy placement figured out begin placing your poppies using their pins. I clumped mine so that, when looking directly at it, they are on the left side. You are more than welcome to do what you feel is right.

remembrance dayOverall this little piece turned out amazing for $3 in supplies + my donation for the poppies ($15). This was a simple craft I completed in 3 minutes, if that and it is a beautiful addition to our front door. I hope my now passed veteran relatives (3 in total) agree with me.

How will you be showing your support this Remembrance Day?


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