If you are like me you have been getting the feeling that holidays are becoming a lot less personal. Gifts feel a lot more like chores than anything else and the gifts you receive are usually unwanted. There are only so many times a person can get scented candles or chocolate. Not that I don’t enjoy those things – but after the 4th person you start to feel like the regifting dump station. I want a little more, I want something personal or just maybe a hug – something truly from the heart. The art of the card has totally gone out of the window too these days and something I wanted to do more of this year was more personalized cards. That is where Bloomex Greetings comes in.

In my effort to make things more personal this year I wanted to set my focus on meaningful gifts paired with a personalized card. Something that I could easily do without having to spend hours on a computer making something myself.


I wanted easy.

I wanted options.

I wanted fast and mobile friendly.

Bloomex greetings answered the call. They are making it beyond simple for me to create personalized cards for any occasion, the first of which is my best friends son’s 2nd birthday. I wanted to make a little memory memento for her to keep as her little one grows. Kids parties from 1-2 are, I always felt, for the mom more than anyone. Since I know my girlfriend loves a personalized card I knew this would be the perfect way for her to collect a memento from the day too! The kids will out grown the gifts and clothes they are given but a card with pictures will be something she can keep in a memory box forever.


Bloomex let me quickly create a beautiful card on my phone and straight from the heart which makes it a life saver. Not only does it save you time, it helps you keep that connection with someone and build on it. With templates for all occasions you can easily plug in your images and text with little effort and really make some one’s day.

This is another great and affordable way to add a little extra something special to those holiday gifts you have been collecting. Make those gift baskets feel more from the heart with a personally made card just for them! With Bloomex you can easily pair your card with flowers, as well as pick the exact day you wish for your card to arrive! It makes it a no brainer and makes it simple for all of us.

Show that special someone you care! We might not always have the time to really think of a personal gift, but you can always have time to add a bit of love to whatever you are giving.



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