multigenerational vacation

Over the last few years, multigenerational travel has grown in popularity. And this is largely down to the number of families that are spread out far and wide. Multigenerational vacations become the most viable way for these families to meet and spend quality time together.

However, when you try to combine a vacation that’ll cater for grandparents, parents, teenagers, and young children, it can seem like an impossible task. The thought of trying to accommodate different personalities, interests, and ages may bring you out in hives. But don’t worry – here are some fantastic tips that’ll make planning your next family vacation an absolute breeze:

  1. Plan in Advance

The majority of your family members will have busy schedules, which is why it’s often difficult to find a time when everyone is available. Therefore, if you can plan as far in advance as possible, it’s more likely you’ll all be able to agree on a date. Ideally, these trips should be booked a year or so in advance.

  1. Discuss Everyone’s Expectations

What’s the main aim of this vacation? Is it so everyone can spend quality time together? If so, you might find a house rental is the best idea. But if you know everyone’s going to want to get involved in different things, and you’ve got young children to cater for, a family-friendly hotel may be better (plus you won’t have to worry about cooking for everyone, too!). Hotels like JW Marriott are ideal. Just do plenty of research in advance to make sure they’ll cater for all your family’s needs and interests, looking at nearby attractions while you’re at it as well.

  1. Make Sure Everyone’s Involved

Someone might say they “don’t care” where you stay, but the chances are, once they get there, they will want to have their say about the accommodation and location. So, make sure everyone plays a role in the planning process. This not only makes it more fun and flexible for everyone, but it also ensures there isn’t just one family member that’s left with the burden of choosing and booking the vacation.

multigenerational vacation

Once everyone’s suggested what they’d like to do and where they’d like to stay, create a shortlist of two or three options then ask everyone to vote. That way, everyone will feel as though they’ve been involved in where they’re going.

  1. Plan Activities for Everyone

It’s important to make sure there are activities planned for all members of your family. Find a range of activities that people can choose from and make it clear not everyone has to participate in everything. Try to leave options for people who don’t want to get involved in the day’s main activity, while also making sure the adults are doing fun stuff too and it isn’t just about the kids.

  1. Capture Memories

Finally, because these types of vacations are often rare, make sure you create lots of memories as a family, capturing precious moments on camera or film. Get photos of the entire group and arm a few other family members with cameras so you can get plenty of action shots. These photos will provide you with timeless memories that will remind you of all the fun you had together.

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