My boys love their iPads… they love being able to have a whole world all to themselves. Of course with that adventure comes noise throughout the house, competing noise at that. Since I have two boys who are trying to play separate things on their iPads in the same room at the same time all while I am trying to work, you can understand why I needed to look into comfortable headphones.

I mean it isn’t as if I had already gone down the headphones route. Of course I had, but they just never seemed to have anything out there that either of my boys would keep on their heads for very long. If at all. Nothing was comfy enough for them to use long term especially not when they wanted to lie down or run around.

Then we found CozyPhones and they were perfect.

Using a comfy fleece headband with headphones actually inside them these beauties are perfect not only for kids but for adults too. They fit nice and snug and, for kids, comes in all kids of amazing animal and monster characters. With these headphones you really do feel more comfortable and for us adults these are incredible for the Winter season. For those of us, like myself, who have children with sensory issues these are incredible. The snug fit makes them feel secure, it keeps them warm and they can comfortable tone out what’s around them when it gets to be too much.

CozyPhonesWith so many different animals you will definitely find something your little one will love. From frogs to unicorns every kid on your list will fall in love with these. With them being super nice and comfy they are great for all over. Whether you are trying to share a room with your family without having to loose your sanity, or if you are in a busy loud restaurant.

So if you are on the look out for headphones you can count on your kids keeping on; then CozyPhones might be just what you have been looking for this whole time.


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