My youngest son is my daring one. He is my wild child who was born without an ounce of fear. Because of this he has been raised on Tim Burton and all things dark and scary. He is a lover of Halloween and these days is picking out scarier and scarier costumes. He has also started to exhaust our list of “kid approved” scary movies and shows. He has started to tire of the same old thing and wanted something that pushed the envelope. This is one HUGE reason why we are so thankful for Netflix.

Thanks to Netflix I have been able to safely screen things he watches in advance and source new shows. In fact since it is Halloween both my youngest and I thought it fitting to help you find some spooky great shows to watch with your kids by providing you a list of our favorites!

Stranger Things
Yes, for some even my youngest age (7), this is still too “scary” or “adult” but my son is a different breed. He loves this show to the moon and back and he can’t get enough of it. He loves how amazing the kids are in the show, I think he has a crush on Eleven for sure, and he has watched the whole season twice over. We can’t wait for the new season to come out October 27th. I know, not soon enough but to hold you over they have a treat for you. A retro styled Stranger Things game available on both iPhone and Android!

Watch on Netflix

Netflix is amazing in that it has both the old Goosebumps show and it is has added the newest movie to their roster just in time for Halloween this year! My youngest is the biggest R.L. Stine fan just like his mom and dad were when we were kids. There is not one Goosebumps story that my kid isn’t familiar with and I can’t wait to introduce him to the teen books when it gets a little older.

My youngest favorite movie by far and he has been watching this movie since he was about 4. Granted not everyone will want to watch this with their really young kids, but for the right kids this is a family favorite. Our family are lovers of dark and spooky Tim Burton-esque films and this movie is always one of our first choices when it comes to family movie night. It is funny, heartfelt and just scary enough.

watch on netflix

Another more adult themed show that my youngest son completely adores. He loves how Liv can eat brains and solve crimes making her the coolest crime fighting zombie in the world. He really loves being able to pick out parts of Vancouver scenery throughout the show too since it is filmed right here in our very own city!

There is no shortage of great Halloween themed things to watch all over Netflix and we hope that our list helps you get in the mood this year and get excited for Stranger Things 2!

What are you watching right now on Netflix?



  1. Love it! Fun thing I read about ParaNorman, the characters that can see the dead have different pupils than everyone else.

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