I love music and music that makes me want to move around is always my favorite when I am looking to improve my mood. I love music that can make a rough day a good one and this is one of those songs that does just that. Karman Line by UK artist Anna Ross is that upbeat spirit booster that you need on a long dark rainy day or after a hard day with the kids.

Karman Line

With herĀ 4 World tours with Duran Duran: Festivals that include Coachella Lollapalooza, Roskilde, Live Aid, Live Earth, The Eden Project and The Opening of the Olympics. She has been featured on Duran Duran’s last 3 albums. Adding to that she has also performed with them on many of the TV appearances they have made, both in the US and the UK including: Ellen DeGeneres, Good Morning America, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight show, Conan O Brian Graham Norton, Jonathon Ross.

Anna Ross is a rising star and this single showcases her talents perfectly and for everyone to enjoy. She is a singer/songwriter with a powerful, soulful, signature voice and a diverse set of cross genre musical influences. These include Duran Duran Goldfrapp, Emele Sande, Sade, Annie Lennox and Nina Simone.

Born in London and brought up in Newcastle, from a young age she was encouraged by her parents to explore and express her interest in music. After leaving school at 16 she gained experience with many local bands and eventually became part of a duo called the ‘V corporation,’ signed for a time to Chrysalis records. When the band eventually split she moved back to London and started to work as a touring background vocalist for artists such as Lisa Stansfield, Stereophonics, Tom Jones and Tina Turner, before landing a tour with New wave Icons Duran Duran who she has worked with ever since.

It has been a wild and beautiful ride for her and we can’t wait to see what else she brings to the table!

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