Netflix moving

Once again I have moved. I know it is never ending and I am at the point where I don’t think there will be a place I will live for long than a year or 6 months or 4 months. They just keep selling for under us. But this time we are hoping that this will be the last move for a long while. We are hoping for the best and with all this moving I have actually become an expert in all kinds of moves. I know exactly what can make a move easier depending on the age of your kids and little budget you have do accomplish the move. My number one must have for any move are iPads with Netflix.

Each and every move I have ever done would have been a completely horrendous disaster had I not been able to give my boys Netflix. When you are moving things out of one house and into another and nothing is set up your kids can get antsy. When boys get antsy and bored, you know what happens?

They get in the way… A LOT.

So ensuring that you are keeping them busy so you can actually get things done and children don’t get crushed by furniture and movers is your number one. Doing this ensures way less battling, fighting and kids running around getting in the way of every thing.


But what do you choose to download and watch for your move?

What will keep them happiest the longest?

What shows can they watch over and over again on repeat in case things take way longer than you want them too?

Here is my kids must have moving Netflix list:

Teen Titans Go!

Some Assembly Required


Anything Ace Ventura

Armed with these downloaded amongst our iPads and our moves have been way less painful as they have during the dark ages before Netflix.

So once again, thank you Netflix for saving my sanity on yet another long arduous move.

How do you keep your kids from getting in the way when you move??



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