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Now since I am a proud Canadian I have come to realize that delicious snacks with a “much more than hot” kick to it are a MUST HAVE.  One of my favorite little buddies, in the kitchen, is TABASCO® Original Red.  First introduced in 1868 by the McIlhenny family which I thought was pretty cool, would have never thought it was around for so long.
Their site is where I got the idea for my hot wing recipe; I call them “Lava Wings!”  So spicy no one can possibly attempt them away from a sporting event where screaming and yelling is a given!  And way to amazing to stop and take pictures of, especially not during the game, apparently it makes people angry went you sit in front of the TV trying to take pictures of the wings and everyone enjoying them. 

Now mine are WAY different from theirs, but like I mentioned above, I was unable to stop and take photographs for reasonable reasons lol.  Their Game-Day Party MenuPizza Perfected really helped me out with this great idea and they were just wolfed down!
This is what I do with my glorious “Lava Wings”:
I take as many wings as I need for everyone wash them, trim them etc. and roll them in flour, then I dip them in egg and TABASCO® Original Red that I have beaten together then roll them in bread crumbs and parmesan.  Amazing so far?!  YES!  Anyways throw them in the oven until cooked and golden brown and crispy.
While they are cooking away in the oven, at 400 I forgot to mention, throw together some of your favorite BBQ sauce, put in Cajun spice, Cheyenne pepper, little bit of lemon juice, and TABASCO® Original Red with melted butter salt and pepper.  When they are done toss wings in the sauce and top with minced jalapenos and green onions for color!  TABASCO® Original Red really manages to bring out the “OOMPH” those wings needed!
Pair with your favorite dipping sauce whether it be ranch or blue cheese!  It is mighty good and SUPER spicy just how we like it on game night, the RARE times we do have it.  I have to say I went out of my way to put this one just to try out my recipe idea, that I got from their site.  Though mine I COMPLETELY different the words “HOT WINGS” made my taste buds tingle and my spicy ideas start flowing!  They have some Pizza Perfected ideas, I think I might just have to play around with!  If you have any more AMAZING recipe ideas for my “Lava Wings” please let me know!
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  1. the “lava wings” we’re actually really good heehee not that I had the chance to eat many lol!!

  2. OOO I really want to get into Hockey! That is the only physical sport that has any appeal to me! I do miss horse back riding though!

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