Now I am not usually into any form of “self-help” book but in this area I seem to be lost so I thought oh hell why not!!  If I don’t really like it I will tell people, might just be some free help in my eyes.  Anyways I dragged myself thru this book and though I had to push myself there were some great points that were definitely worth the time.

“This is Your Brain In Love” by Dr. Earl Henslin went thru the book giving thorough examples through “stories” and at times I found that part grueling; overall he made his point in an easy to understand way.  He even splits his book up with quizzes in order to help you understand what kind of “lover” you are mentally.  Such as:

  • Scattered Lover
  • Over-Focused Lover
  • Blue Mood Lover
  • Agitated Lover
  • Anxious Lover

In doing this he helps you understand and IDENTIFY which one you may be and how it could be a contributing factor to your relationship.  Plus you can always make your hubby do the quizzes to, not that mine would.  He just laughed at me that I was even reading it in the first place.  He even helps to show you what you are doing from an outside stand point thru stories.  I guess going on the theory of “acceptance” is the first step kinda thing. 

I actually really loved his points in the book about how diet effects your brain which in turns effects how you cope with situations in your marriage/partnership etc.  And how an exercise routine is also important for your brain chemistry!  All very important points, I really believe in the saying “you are what you eat.”  Bad food = a Bad mood.

This book certainly opened my eyes to a few things that I do, to how I react to situations, and how I can sometimes deal badly with things even in my relationships with friends believe it or not.

I would rate this book 3/5 for overall lessons and writing style. 

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  1. I agree that you are what you eat. I always tell my husband the reason I have to eat so much candy is so I will be a sweet person:)

  2. Eschelle all those “mental lover” types are pretty negative. Were there any positive types?

  3. Hey Hun, sorry I have not pass by in awhile. As to the book, sounds interesting as when I do eat my favorites and then get into a good mood. I guess I eat a lot of bitch food though as I am mostly in a bitchy mood, but..that might be work too. : )

  4. Sounds like an interesting read. Maybe I’ll read it sometime. I haven’t read a book for pleasure in a while, but now that I’m done with grad school, I think it’s time.

  5. @Vanita; they do sound negative but it is hard to put a positive spin on negative behaviors. It was really interesting, its worth a look.

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