We are almost there, us and our children have survived the Summer break and school is just on the horizon. That means lots of us are busy frantically preparing for the new school year. This is why I decided to talk to a few parent bloggers about how they are doing getting ready for the school year.

What grade will your little ones be going into this year?

She’s starting preschool.

Are you prepared for this year’s school supplies shopping?

There’s not much in terms of actual school supplies we need to buy, though I imagine we might learn a little more on orientation day. She does have a couple awesome backpacks to get her started!

Did you get your little ones involved in their school shopping or did you go solo and why?

Like I said, we didn’t have to really do much in terms of shopping, but she is definitely involved in the whole process, even if she’s not quite three years old yet. We let her pick out her backpack and some other little things.

What was the hardest part about getting ready for this years school year?

Haha. Getting her into the class in the first place. Everyone says that you should start “shopping” for preschools early. We got onto the wait list in January and, at the time, we were told that the wait list actually opened up last January. We were lucky to get a spot at all.

What was the most expensive item on your kids lists?

Not really applicable. The backpack was maybe $15.

Who is looking forward to going to school more: you or your kids? For what reasons?

Totally her. She can’t stop talking about how she wants to go to school. She keeps putting on her backpack(s) and strutting around the house, asking us to take her to school. She’ll load it up with a bunch of her things and tell us she’s ready to go. I’m still flabbergasted that she’s already starting preschool. Feels like only yesterday that she fit between my hand and the crook of my elbow.


What is your biggest hope, for your kids, for this school year?

Honestly, I’d really like for her to develop a greater sense of focus and patience. She’s still at the age when she can’t really sit still, but the structure of class should help to guide her to whatever pursuits she wants to explore.

What do you want your kids to gain from this school year?

As much as we encourage her to learn and explore and experiment, it’ll be great for her to see that there’s this whole other world beyond our family and our house, filled with all kinds of kids from all sorts of different backgrounds. I think she already has a love for learning and I hope that preschool will continue to nurture that natural curiosity.

What do you wish all your kids teachers would do for your child?

Give her the opportunity to explore a broad range of subjects and interests, but also help guide her exploration once she zeroes in on something of particular interest. Offer her the full breadth and depth of a great education.

What were some of your best back-to-school memories as a kid?

As nerdy and as geeky as it may sound, the memories that really stick out for me is the actual back-to-school shopping itself, particularly when it came to specific supplies both provided by the school and items we had to buy ourselves. Many of us remember the standard yellow rulers and pink erasers, but for some strange reason, I got disproportionately excited about picking up a protractor set with the compass to draw perfect circles. It’s so weird, since I so rarely actually used those things. I was (and still am) such a dork.

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Thanks so much Michael!

Tell me how has your back to school prep been going?


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