As a mom during Summer time I am fighting to use any device in my house for any amount of time. Whether that is my own computer, any of the many iPads in my house, or any of the THREE XBOXs we own. So I have had to get create when it has come to getting some me time in while hubby is at work and the kids are still in the house.

I mean I need to get work done. I need to relax during the Summer time too.


Yet sadly I am forced to resort to some pretty devious tactics just to get in some well deserved and needed alone time. I need time to spend doing things just for me sometimes, and doing that helps me be a better mom.

Or that is what I tell myself when I instantly ban kids from iPads just so that I can use them for an hour or two? I can actually say that I feel a little guilty… but not enough to not do it from time to time. After all they need to learn to share and play together outside the realm of technology, right?

Netflix Time

If anything I am doing them a service… not that I am any better and unplugging from technology than they are.

We are talking about running around and hiding while sneaking in Netflix time while the kids are awake and you can’t quite take another day of Summer break. I have been rambling.

Want to know where my favorite secret Netflix time sneaking spot is in my house? The bathtub! 

To me there is no better place to put my feet up and enjoy a little Death Note the anime. I mean I need to re-watch it all before Netflix’s live cast version of it comes out later this month! I do have to admit that I have also been getting into this Atypical show recently too and loving how they’re starting a conversation.

With so much to watch, you best believe I will either turn into a mermaid or a prune!

Tell me what shows are you watching on Netflix right now!



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