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I have to admit that this year our family hasn’t had much of a Summer. Both hubby and I work full time in different capacities and we haven’t had any time off or ability to go anywhere. The one time we did we sadly got turned away as every space was full.

The saddest car ride home of my life. 

It wasn’t like we could book in advance either, when we don’t drive we rely on so many outside sources for timing and rides and we couldn’t confirm our ability to afford anything on a specific time frame. To say the least our life was too unpredictable to plan in advance for this province then of course every single first come first serve spot was taken. Which meant we had packed and prepared for three days, spent so much money and didn’t get to take our vacation. Then had to drive all the way into town wasting so much time and effort for everyone involved.

We were upset and feeling pretty bad about how our Summer had been going; especially after finding out we have to officially move again end of September.

This is why we felt like we missed out on Summer this year. It has gone by way too fast and I feel like I have wasted it “doing nothing”, which makes me feel like a shitty parent to be honest.

But am I blowing things out of proportion? 

What kind of Summer would make it feel like I hadn’t squandered it?

Would it be filled with non stop Summer camps and vacations? Would it be all go go go and no stopping to enjoy the quiet? 


I think that maybe all I needed to do as a parent all Summer long was adjust my expectations. I shouldn’t have had them so high like I did for our camping trip. It was too much pressure for a time of year that is supposed to feel anything but.

With that little hiccup I learned something pretty important. Summer isn’t what you do, it is who you spend it with and how you relax and connect with the planet that matters.

So go ahead and feel free to not feel guilty for supposedly “doing nothing” this Summer. You did it Summer your way, go you.

Now go share this with another mom who needs to stop feeling so down about how they spent their Summer not doing much.




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  1. I know I think it is mom guilt for sure. We have worked all summer. Money was also an issue…so narrows down activities. Have done a bit of beachy stuff but not much else really. The kids haven’t complained that much, so I know it is mostly me and MY expectations.

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