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Whether you are expecting your first child or have older kids, you need to think about their safety on the road. Your bad driving habits may have fatal consequences if left unchecked. Here are some essential driving safety tips that every mum should know.

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1. Have your Car Checked Regularly

One of the leading causes of road accidents is cars that develop mechanical problems on the road. In most cases, the accidents would not have occurred if the car had been serviced regularly. Despite your tight schedule and unending housework, take your car to an experienced mechanic for a regular service.

2. Check the Condition of the Roads

Many mothers have little time to follow up on the latest news and weather updates. If you have young children and a day job, you may be caught up with family responsibilities and forget about current events in your neighbourhood. Always check the weather updates and the condition of the roads you intend to use before leaving. Your region may be experiencing good weather but your destination may be rainy or snowy. You do not want to be caught up in a storm or be swept off the road with your kids in your car.

Driving Safety Tips

3. Observe Speed Limits and Road Signs

Travelling with kids sometimes distracts your attention from the road, especially when you have more than one in the car. Kids are known to fight or demand attention from you while you are still driving. You may be tempted to rush to get home or to your destination fast and take care of them. Avoid speeding or turning around to check on the kids. Use your mirrors and keep your eyes on the road. You will miss the signs or incidents ahead of you if you allow the kids to distract your focus.

4. Dress your Child Appropriately

One reason why you need to check the weather updates for your destination is to dress your child right. If you expect a rainy or snowy weather, you need to keep your baby warm. However, do not overdress your child in efforts to keep them warm. The warmth inside of your car and the heavy clothing is too much for your baby. The excess warmth will make your baby uncomfortable throughout the trip. The best way is to dress the baby in several light layers that you can remove when it gets too hot.

Your baby’s safety and comfort should be on top of your list of considerations when planning a trip. Many mothers have a challenge in keeping their focus on the road without turning to check if the baby is fine. The secret to travelling safely with your child is to think about safety before starting the trip. Have your car checked, check the latest updates on the weather and road conditions, and dress your baby appropriately. Remember to drive within the speed limits and keep a safe distance from other motorists.

What driving safety tips would you add to this list??


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