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Boudreaux’s Butt Paste I have heard about “butt paste” before and chuckled at the name many a time.  When I was approached to to do this review i was really excited.  My youngest seems to get mild diaper rash all the time and he gets really uncomfortable with it, slightly melodramatic at times.  So when I got my hands on Boudreaux’s Butt Paste free sample from their website I was excited to use it!  I had seen it on Oprah before, strange since she has no kids lol but anything Oprah has i want to try lol!  Isn’t that awful!!??

Granted I had to wait a while for my youngest to develop a rash legitimately, of course when I need him to have diaper rash it  is an impossibility.  Anyways, when I did get to use it, it was great!  Baby and mommy were both smiling and he wasn’t throwing his limbs around like a crazed fish out of water.  Smelt way better than I thought it would too! 

The next diaper change was even better!  When we use penatin the stuff is stuck on them so hard you almost have to give them a bath to get it off; but not  Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.  It wiped off without any effort and I was really pleased with it!  But I’m a mom the faster something is to clean the happier I am. 

Since this great cream is pediatrician recommended, the name makes me giggle, it smells great, comes in some awesome sizes for tons of different reasons etc I will have to say I hope to continue using it!  I’m so easy to win over lol!!

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  1. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about this years before I was even pregnant. They also have a green version now. Anyway, I have a tube sitting here at home waiting for N to get a rash, but since she still hasn’t had one (knock on wood), I still don’t know first hand of its effectivity. However, I’ve already recommended it to a couple of moms I know and they love it.

  2. I love butt paste! It is all I’ve used on my youngest and it works so fast.

  3. my cousin is having a baby any day now and that’s the stuff we bought for her shower. i bought like a billion things.

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