Something beyond cool has come to Netflix this June and it has me super excited. They have meshed the idea of a choose your own adventure storybook with your kids favorite TV shows! That is right, now your kids can get involved in each of these shows in the best way possible. They have full control of what their favorite characters do and my boys are all over it.

A while ago we were invited to an event with Netflix here in Vancouver to hear all about it. Of course they also made a big point of spoiling us and our kids while giving us the down low on this new Netflix Feature.

Our whole family and the rest of the Vancouver Stream Team crew families got to really enjoy a fun day together. They got to get a sneak peak at the upcoming shows that will have these features, got fed some great food, and got to create some fun crafts! It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

I mean there is no better way to keep a group of kids happy than an open candy and coffee bar to start off your day! Opus Hotel had a great room for us and Netflix ensured there were iPads all over to entertain the kids. We even got interactive paddles to help play along with the interactive choices. Buddy Thunderstruck was definitely my kids favorite and they were the only kids in the Stream Team crew who had already completed Buddy Thunderstruck!

No one as happy as two kids enjoying an open Candy Bar!

I was a proud Netflix mom! Silly I know but since we work so closely with them it is good to know my kids are also experts like mum. We always go out of our way to check out things when they are first added. It’s our homework on family movie nights and Netflix has never failed to entertain us.

This new interactive feature will keep you kids giggling for days and with Buddy Thunderstruck there is a loop so you can literally interact with the episode at no end. It is a funny quirky thing that Netflix did to help us parents survive the summer I am sure!

Tell me what will you be watching to keep the kids entertained this Summer break?


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