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Canada day is only a couple days away and I wanted to share with you a great way you can celebrate while giving back to some amazing Canadian artisans! Canadian Originals has an incredible subscription box perfect for the proudest of Canadians. Supplying the best of handmade artisan products from all over Canada this box is the perfect gifts idea of anyone that loves to support and buy local products.

Featuring incredibly beautiful items like jewelry, sweets, soaps, art and a few other amazing items that vary month to month. Each and every month they lovingly curate and choose 3-5 Canadian artisans that should be a household name! Each person talented in the best of ways and wanting to show off their incredible products to you and everyone in Canada! The best part is that you can get these great boxes for yourself or for someone you love; just the once or up to a 12 month subscription. It is a great gift idea that is always filled with great surprises and something for everyone.

Canada Day

I was lucky enough to get sent the 150th July box and it was completely amazing. Filled with divine things like Sea Salt Caramels by Hugo & Nate Confections that were mouthwateringly good. They had me at Sea Salt to be honest as I love it when people can beautifully combine salty and sweet together to make something orgasmically good like these salted caramels they create.


The Maple Leaf Necklace by Hidden Gems (Raquel) was perfect to add flare to my Canada Day, face it weekend, outfits that I had put together. I mean if you are going to go out and have a great time with family on Canada Day weekend we need to look the part. Being able to wow the crowd with the gorgeous maple leaf necklace really added that little something special to my weekend. I got compliments left right and center which usually doesn’t happen when I wear white.

The two incredible art pieces that were included in the box blew me away and even worked amazing in some client product shots that I put together just in time for the holiday.

Everything they included was picked with the upmost thought, love and care which is how I like to think all Canadian companies like to do things. If not other companies need to take note – these guys do it right.

Supporting Canadian by spoiling Canadians is the best concept.



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