I love to make home cooked meals for my family, but like all busy moms I find myself falling into the same routines. It doesn’t help when I have a house full of picky boys who will rarely accept change. Especially when handed to them by their mother. It seems I have zero ability to convince them to try anything new – I guess I am just not cool enough to listen to anymore. This is why I needed to enlist a little bit of help from the good folks at Fresh Prep Vancouver. A great place that has an amazing variety of unique and family favorite type meals for you to pick from each and every week.

You can easily subscribe to their service and get random meals delivered or go in and make a unique decision just for yourself/family. The choices are always healthy, local and beautiful making every recipe tempting to try out. It was a hard choice for our family to narrow it down to two meals to try out first but we made a choice and between the two the majority fell in love with their Mongolian Beef.

Fresh Prep Vancouver

The Mongolian Beef was something that all of us desperately wanted to try. Looking at Fresh Preps images and our love for anything beef + soya sauce we were completely sold. When it showed up and we were getting it all together we found it nice and simple. It was low on dishes and of course all the prep work that was done for us was completed to perfection. The only thing I needed to do was pour things into pans cover them and wait for the ingredients to do all the work.

Fresh Prep Vancouver

Since it was so easy to put together it gave us an opportunity to help the boys get more involved in the kitchen too. They were cutting open the bags, stirring and measuring out water etc… All four of us were in the kitchen together making this super easy meal. Granted we did take a little longer to get it all to the table than outlined (I blame potty breaks) it was still super easy and fast to put together.


FP011 FP010 FP009

The best part was that everyone loved it, there were ZERO leftovers and my kids actually ate cabbage. Something that only happens during Christmas with their bratwurst! It was a spectacular thing – together we had created a restaurant grade meal in our very own home. It was satisfying in every which way!

Being able to do this a couple times a week would be amazing for family nights. It gives you the opportunity to explore world cuisine in a super easy and approachable way. You get to all learn how to work together to create something that all of you can truly be proud of.

It is something that I look forward to doing again that is for sure!

Have you ever tried a meal prep company like Fresh Prep Vancouver before??


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