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The gorgeous sunny days are actually starting to stick around here in Vancouver and that means we are spending a lot more time outside. Of course being in Vancouver that can become rather costly rather quickly when you are a family of four. This is exactly why I am a HUGE advocate for creating a decent collection of portable fun games that we can take and enjoy at the park for FREE.

I can easily pack a nice lunch picnic, some water gear since the park near us also has a great water park, and bring a game of our choice then hunker down in the shade of a tree for a day. One of our latest additions to our collection has proven to be a great way to make friends quickly at any park we go to.

fun parachute GamesThis amazing parachute + clock is the best thing we have gotten since our bubble machine. This Tick Tock Clock by Pacific Play Tents is perfect for a number of different reasons. One of those main reasons being that it is nice and big which makes it great for making friends wherever you go. It is hard for kids to miss a HUGE parachute loaded with color, it is a kid magnet.

Second reason we love this is that is folds up so nice and small, which makes it perfect for us. Since we don’t drive the more compact and light weight our games are the better for us. It has its very own carrying bag, can even fold up smaller than the bag its given which means it can fit into almost any bag. It will leave you lots of space for everything else you need for a fun day at the park, or heck even other items you might need for playing!

Third reason we love this parachute is the fact that it is easy to clean. The kids can be covered in mud, paint you name it and this beauty will come out of the washer basically brand new. It is has even given me the chance to wash off a few of our PVC balls and use them in some of the great games we play with all the kids!

TT003Which brings me to the games that we play with this great item. These are all nice and simple games that you can play with kids of all ages. Of course if you have a really broad range of ages it is best to tell the older kids no super fast running to help prevent injuries to any of the little ones. All these fun parachute games I am about to run you through have all worked great for kids ages 6-10. Those are the ages I can guarantee LOVE these fun parachute games.

Tick-Tock Swap

Now this game is super nice and easy and especially fun for those with this specific clock parachute. This game is super simple and a great way for kids to brush up on their numbers if they’re in the younger crowd. I really think this game could be great for preschoolers so this game will work with all ages.

Step one: Everyone gathers in a circle around the parachute that is one spread out over the ground and grabs an edge or handle. At this point get each of the kids to take note of what number or numbers they are standing in front of.

Step two: Get the kids to lift the parachute to about head level so there is enough to duct and run underneath the parachute during the game. You can then get the kids to move it up and down and all around at that height to keep them busy, add to the fun and create that element of chaos needed for a super good time at the park.

Step three: Once they’re all excited and ready to go you can explain the rules, you are going to call out TWO numbers and the kids closest or in front of those numbers are going to run underneath and switch places. They do this all while everyone else is creating wave like motions.

You can continue the game this way, with no winners as long as the kids like, OR you can create a game with a winner with step four.

Step four: The last child to get to their spot in time has to sit out for the next game. Once two kids are left the parachute goes onto the ground and they need to run in a circle in opposite directions, first one in the right space wins.

What Time is it Mr. Wolf? – adapted

Step one: You will need 1 – 2 light weight balls depending on how hard you want the game to be. I suggest just using 1 ball as it is just easier for everyone. Once again spread out around the parachute and grab a handle or side and raise to waist height. Put the balls on top of the parachute and let them wait for action.

Step two: Explain to the kids that each one of them is going to get a turn going around the circle and everyone is going to ask the person: “WHAT TIME IS IT MR. WOLF?!” and that person can say whatever time they like: “It’s 4 o’clock!”.

Step three: Once the time has been declared, and if you are doing it right it was loud, everyone has to work together to move the ball to that that time on the parachute! Once it reaches you move onto the next person and repeat till everyone has had enough.

Around the Clock!

This game is super simple and another great way to get a group of kids to get to know one another and how to work together. Simple game with again no winner just a sense of accomplishment and chaotic fun!

Step one: Get the kids around the parachute and have them grab a handle/side and bring it up to just about waist level. You are going to then place a ball into the center of the parachute.

Step two: Instruct the kids on the game objective. Their goal is to keep the ball moving and on the chute at all times and to work together as a team. They are to work together to move the ball around the clock in the right direction. If someone, can be instructor or a free for all call out, calls out “Stop clock, stop!!” the group is then to switch directions!

Simple bit of fun and a great way to giggle together when you haven’t really met anyone yet.

What fun parachute games did you play as a kid??



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