We all know how much I love Tanya at Blogelina, and we all know how much I love her classes; well with this months round of awesome classes I will be apart of!  That is right.  I am going to be a kinda “assistant-teacher,” as such.  I will be sitting in and taking notes for your follow up e-mails and all that great fun. 

I can say that I am SSSOOOOOO excited and I would love for you to join us!!

The Online Class: Profitable Blogging for Beginners

click the link and join us in our blogging journey.  This is a class for all blogging levels and TRUST ME, you will make some amazing connections in the blogosphere because of it.  New friends are always amazing.   Class starts tomorrow so HURRY HURRY HURRY!!!

And ladies don’t forget to join our blogging groups!! They are pretty pimp!!  We run them through Facebook to make connecting and staying in touch with one another easy and simple. 

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  1. Excited to have you joining us again! And looking forward to another great month of classes!

  2. Man I wish I had the time for blogging classes! One thing I definitely want to learn is keeping my followers active (ie—commenting and reading) after a huge giveaway ends.

  3. Hey mama, so glad to see you back. Damn, I wish I could spend the time for some bloggy classes but I never know when I’m going to be on the computer. Keep me posted with the emails. Just subscribed just in case I could join another fun event… talk to ya soon : )

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