Chocolate is traditionally something that you get for moms on Mother’s Day. It is a stereotypical gift that all of us of course love and have grown to expect. With thousands of kinds of chocolate out there you can’t go wrong with providing it as a gift to your picky lady.

But what about Dads? Dads love chocolate too!

That’s why this year I am going to break tradition and give my hubby something that he always wants. Something that he usually sneaks from me when I am not looking. He doesn’t think I notice, but believe you me I know exactly how much chocolate I leave behind Sir, believe you me.

Anyways, what is it that I am going to get him you ask??

CHOCOLATE!! I guess I wasn’t quite clear enough about that.

Of course I am not going to get him just any kind of chocolate, I mean why would I want to sneak cheap chocolate behind his back. I want the good stuff…

I mean HE wants the good stuff.

This is how I met a new chocolate of my dreams… I mean his dreams.

Green & Black’s organic and free trade chocolate. This stuff is beyond delicious.


I can’t express to you enough how incredible these decadent chocolates taste. They are fruity and even the darkest of chocolates is incredibly sweet and succulent with its natural fruit flavours. This chocolate is worth stealing from the hubby this father’s day.

I mean gifting to hubby this father’s day.

Out of all four that I tried I have to say my two favorites are the milk chocolate & Sea salt, then the 70% cocoa which was heaven on your tongue.

choco70001 chocoseasalt001Both of these would make any man, woman or child happy which again makes it a great addition to your hubby’s present this year.

Not just for the selfish: steal-the-chocolate-in-the-middle-of-the-night reasons either. So get that gift together, or better yet use these chocolates to make something delicious like their croissant pudding or banana bread!

Either could be a great plan for brunch this year.

Give him that breakfast in bed you have always wanted!!

Tell me what special things do you have planned for father’s day this year??


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