Now today is just one of those days were I am not getting too much done at this point.  I haven’t written an article for LFG in a while and i’m really behind in that aspect both in my life and in the writing aspect of it.  Probably cause aunt flow is over and she has a sever vendetta with me for some reason.  Nonetheless I was popping around on blogs and got inspired.  Someone’s mom was sharing her old cards, granted I can’t find the damn link to this place but w/e, maybe later.

Back to the task at hand, after seeing this I was determined to find this card I got from my sister a couple birthdays ago.  Now my sister and I are “The Simpsons” generation, I know Erin lol, anyways I grew up watching this religiously, especially since my mom was mentally sick and I would pretty much just sit in front of the tv ALL DAY LONG.  No joke, she would get really anxious and scared leaving her house, kinda went with the territory.  I didn’t mind then, don’t really mind now and i’m not horrifically messed up considering all the factors.  Plus other ppl took me to the park lol.  Whatever, i’m dragging here and spewing verbal diarrhea at you all; I wanted to share this card:

Best card ever I think.  Thoughts??  Share you’re hilarious card tales!  I am always up for having a laugh.  Sorry for babbling :D, you love me anyways right?!?!

p.s. if you have any ideas of things I could write about for LFG that would be much appreciated.  I am at a loss…. and not in the good way lol!!

p.s.s. Did you notice Erin did some spring cleaning for me?!?!?! my header is smaller my icon’s are cooler and I tidied up my side bars!! horay!! 

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  1. Lol too funny! I’ll try and think of stuff late but my heads up my butt lately so I’ll do my best lol.

  2. I never really got into the Simpsons growing up but it is quite an interesting card xD

    Now, so I can properly advise you, what’s LFG? Hopefully your writers block with go away soon!

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