So some of you may have noticed my facebook page has a new profile picture. 

I wanted to tell the tale of how I got these glasses.  How did I even think to put these on?

It was one amazingly hot summer day in grade ten.  I had just lost about 50 pounds at that point and I was struttin’ my stuff at the local mall with my gf.  Ed Fu.  No I don’t know why she called herself “Ed,” it was an on-going thing back then, in the days of no responsibility, other than your responsibility to the people, to look HOT!  LOL…. ahhh I was quite the bombshell back then I have to say lol.  *blush* oh the youth is wasted on the young!

Back to my story.  Here we were trolling the local “Claire’s” and I saw these “things” and I laughed and put them on; turned to my gf and squealed: “HOW DO THEY LOOKY?!!”

All she did was turn to me and say:

“I am buying those for you, and there is nothing more to be said about it!”  That was that I sported these things with pride! 

Then, the other day, I found them again in my things and decided: “What the hell!”  I will put them on, and sneakily I placed them upon my face and; BOOM!!!  I was transformed into that wacky little teen I so missed and loved.

Hubby returned home… mocked me… and I took them off.  Needless to say I am not wearing them when he is around lol… just cause lol. 

I think their cute don’t you??!!

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  1. Oh goodness!! I think they look absolutely FABULOUS on you-They really suite your personality to a T 😀

    That’s such a great story-I remember those days looooooooooooong ago. Hehe.

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