Netflix Embrace

May is here and in the spirit of Mother’s Day I thought I would come up with a completely indulgent list for any mom in need after a long hard and maybe awful Mother’s Day. I mean nothing always goes as planned but that doesn’t mean you need to sit there and not have time to yourself.

Forget it, forget yesterday. Today is a new day and you can stay in your jammies, eat too much chocolate and do whatever you want.

That includes binge-watching Netflix till you feel like you could take over the world.

This is the reason I created this list to do that exact thing. To inspire you that you are fantabulous no matter if those around you didn’t exactly show it yesterday. If you did have a great Mother’s Day that is awesome but you still need another day off, you still need a little more inspiration in a day.

Netflix Losing Sight of Shore

Losing Sight of Shore

This is a true story documentary about women rowing from the US all the way to Australia. It shows their preparation, the time they thought up this crazy idea and how they found women to go along with them. They set off on this journey that has never been completed by anyone let a lone a group of nothing but women. You see the struggles they all go through on this over 5,000 mile journey done on just women power. It is incredible and they teach you that you can do anything with a little work. It doesn’t matter you have something amazing to bring to the world.

Netflix Sense 8

Sense 8

This is my favorite and I love it for when I am in any kind of a bad mood. It is so mind blowing to me and incredible that I can’t get enough of it and I can’t watch it without gaining that sense of wonder. Again that sense that all is possible – especially with the help of others. This is something a lot of us moms need to think about. Asking for help, knowing when it is time to get the help you need. Knowing when you need a break. Sense 8 shows you that with the help of a close community you are unstoppable.

Netflix Embrace


I was recently a local moms group on Facebook and there was a topic that brought about the discussion of how us women feel after kids. I can tell you it is usually not glowing reviews so when I saw this it really did hit me hard. I can’t deny that I cried I few times and I can’t thank Netflix enough for making sure this is being spread like wild fire. It needs to be heard, you need to watch it and you need to start being apart of life again.



This beauty of a show is on its way back and I can’t wait. Kimmy Schmidt is always an endless source of inspirational happiness. She is never lead to believe she can’t do something, she puts her mind to it and it is going to get done. She is going to succeed and not many people have the ability to have that kind of determination and hers is definitely contagious.  I can’t wait for the new season and I know so many of you are just itching for it to come out too!

So sit back relax and make sure you get that me time in no matter what you need to do.

You deserve it and the moon!


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