I have to say thank you to all of you for reassuring me and my glasses.  I love them and now I have written proof of societies acceptance of their appearance, upon my face.  Hubby can no longer argue, nor mock.  I have to say that I am trying to make steps to really wear things that make me smile.  I don’t care if some people don’t like it but i’m going to dress with my personality just like we should!  I think those little touches are what makes everyone’s style so amazing. 

I want 50’s dresses and 60’s housewife dress.  Is that so horrible??  Why not?!?!  I can wear whatever I want I don’t care what is in style I LOVE those dresses, they look great on bigger figures and I want to look and feel good.  I want people to see me in what i’m wearing and go “I want to talk to her shes looks awesome!”  Or something close to that lol, I mean i bet I wont look AWESOME lol! 

So 20.00 at a time I shall buy my better wear.  I will. 

I am so tempted to buy this… but I must focus on other purchases first… *sigh* 

Feel free to donate to my wardrobe!  My pay pal earnings are now going to start being used to replace my clothes from gr. 8, or my worn out hand me downs.  And ebay is great!  This dress is only 30.00!! plus cheaper things too!! So heehee donate to my wardrobe lol!!! HAHAHAHA yeah right, if only eh??

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  1. Love the dress!It would look fantastic on you.

  2. That dress is fabulous; I want one in every color!

  3. That is such a cute dress!!! I’ve always loved those old fashioned vintage dresses-They’re just so adorable xD

    And good for you dressing how you want! Screw what other people think-It’s YOUR life 🙂

  4. This is so cute! I totally feel ya about having old clothes. They pretty much make up most of my closet.

  5. omygawsh im right there with you.. i wear nothing but hubby’s tshirts anymore.. & i would dress like Bree van De Kamp every day if I could! 😀

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