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Life is nothing but non stop moving these days, at least for our family. My work schedule is keeping me swamped beyond belief and I am sure I will start drowning soon enough. I also know that my kids are feeling the end of school pressures this year. We are all looking for a way to unplug and relax – but being a family of course our budget it tight so we need to get creative from time to time to help find some fun together.

That is when we like to take a classic movie night up a notch.

How exactly do we do that?? I will tell you.

I have 4 tips to help anyone pull of a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious type movie night with the smallest budget!


Above all things you need to start with picking out what you and your family are going to spend the night watching. Everyone in your family is different. I mean if my youngest had it his way we would all be watching scary movies or things with sharks eating people. That’s when is always a great help. It can really help you narrow down a few of those choices and pick something just right for you and your family.


Now it goes without saying that the food anywhere can honestly make or break your night which is why I love the idea of pre-planning and making sure my food is on theme. For example if we were all watching Stranger Things, I would be serving up Eggos. Get creative and have fun with it but choose something not too hard and in line with your families likes and dislikes. A tall order to fill I know but you can do it by making tweaks to recipes you find during your research. Make it fun and if all else fails serve up a popcorn variation with a color scheme and fake it till you make it!

Star Trek Movie Night with TELUS


No one should sit and enjoy a movie night in uncomfortable clothes. That means no jeans everyone, that means nothing that will bunch or get in the way of your snacking. Nothing itchy, nothing too hot and nothing too cold. Grab your favorite pair of jammies and your comfiest housecoat and get down to business. Ensure you and everyone else in your family has had a potty break – I hate having to pause 5 minutes into a movie. Sit back and really snuggle up close under the best blankets your family has.


Every perfect movie night has the potential for disaster. So in order to keep everyone sane; ensure you have paper towels, a regular towel, cleaning spray of some sort and reflex’s like a cat. This will help your short fuse from becoming non existent, if anything does happen everyone in your family is within reach to clean it up. Not just you getting called up to go find all your cleaning stuff to clean up a mess that is getting worse as you run around your house. Just trust me have the cleaning stuff handy.

With those four tips you will be well on your way to an actually enjoyable movie night with your family.

What tips would you add to this list?


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