The oddest thing happened to me this morning.  I was drinking some juice, yes out of the carton you can chastise me later for that, when I realized I have dreamt of this place.  My kitchen, exactly how my fridge looks.  ALL identical to a dream I have had prior to moving, prior to the thought of moving!

I don’t know if this is a regular thing but i usually don’t have dreams containing pieces of my future in them, let a lone remember them in order to identify it.  Am I watching too many sci-fi shows??  Do I need more sleep or something?

I thought it was very curious.

On another note I haven’t done very much today had a gf over for a bit, not really any cleaning or anything (well nothing big anyways the regular stuff clearly is being done… has to… damn house hasn’t figured out how to clean itself yet… stupid house!) BUT I do have a piece of news.  Well not really news BUT since I am a “Vancouver-ite,” and it is a big ta do in this city I figure its a huge insult not to do a little something something on this; but today is 4:20.  For those of you that don’t know, what it is: it is basically national pot smokers day.

I know I know, please refrain from the hate comments, I am only reporting on something that my city does that is pretty HUGE and crazy.  I only live in this city ppl so so sorry for that… jeez.  

moving on I wanted to show you some pieces of this “celebration” that happens in downtown Vancouver every year at this time.  Note I used to attend this with my father as a tween… you kinda have to go ONCE if you live out here just to check it out, too each their own right??  Plus I was EVEN YOUNGER and most stupid once lol, didn’t think that was possible did you?!!  Here is a video of the sheer volume of this whole event.

I told you it was pretty epic.

This year is supposed to be especially crazy because of Marc Emery being in jail and all in the states.  I have met that guy on a number of occasions and he is very strange… hits on anything with legs but DAMN he has one HOT wife!!  Considering his eyes remind me of a goldfish.

Marc Emery 2008 pot rally

Cheech & Chong of course had something to say about it today on facebook:

Happy 4:20 C&C fans! You know what to do…I’m doing it now!…uh what? Oh yeah…..remember Marc Emery still incarcerated illegally for selling pot seeds over the ‘net…reschedule pot Obama, you can do it!…tc

Good times… so drivers please beware of stoners wandering thru a very congested downtown Vancouver lol!

Also a little message from WEEDS:

again please no hate comments, i don’t condone the practice I have merely reported on it.  

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  1. glad I reminded you about the chicken! LOL. By the way, I have deja vu all the time. Apparently there is a scientific explanation, but I forget what it is.

    Happy belated 4/20! I’m old and a mom now, so I actually forgot. Haha.

  2. HA !! I actually didn’t remember till my gf reminded me cause well… i’m old and a mom now lol!!!

  3. Hahaha! You would think I would know what that day meant, given my childhood but I actually didn’t! I knew people smoke out on this day but I wasn’t sure why until my 12 YR old DAUGHTER told me after school! She said the teachers told them, crazy huh!
    Btw, tried to link up on your FB tab here and wasn’t able too?!?! Just “liked” your other page on FB too 🙂

  4. Deja vu. I’ve had it 4x so far in life. Is that normal or is it because I’m an old mom?

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