Alright so we know how ugly my kitchen is…

Yes I have unpacked everything… i’m just too lazy to photograph those ugly kitchen cabinets again.   Well I have been trying to think about what to do about it exactly.  Everything in my kitchen is falling apart, literally the counter by the sink there… rotting away. 

I am just thankful that when/if I go camping this summer there will be a new kitchen waiting for me.  Too bad they can’t throw in some new kitchen chairs, as I only have two left… both broken.  Some matching chairs with some chair cushions, just like my mom used to have would be the bees knees!!  Don’t even get me started on my kitchen table… only way it would look better is if i permanently covered with with a vinyl table cloth!  But I have a love affair with wood so I think that option it out. 

I just have to pray that when they do fix my kitchen that they don’t paint it this “fun colour” again.  That is right he described that horriffic colour as “fun.”  Blows.  My.  Mind.  My bathroom is the same colour… his thoughts where “kids love to spend all their time in the bathroom and kitchen so when made it a fun colour for you.”  So if you live in my area and you are willing to give me paint PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO!!!

Any moving decor blunders ever been in your worlds???
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  1. Oh yes! When I first moved into my house there were 2 walls in the dining area that were painted a pale shade of lime green! Yeah, it was like living inside of a dinner mint! LOL Thankfully, we painted and it looks awesome! I’ll see if I can post some pics soon to my FB or blog so you can see that I totall feel your pain!!

  2. I am horrible about decorating/changing things so when I buy a house I make sure all the colors etc. are just how I like them. Of course the longest I’ve lived in one house is three years…

  3. Well that is quite a fun color isn’t it? Luckily I moved into a house owned by an old lady so everything was white and boring. Oh wait, except for the horrible giant flower wallpaper! Ugh. Thanks mom for scraping it all off! Oh and I still have a 50s pink tile tub. 😀

  4. @Lesli My bathtub is pink too same with my sink… think everything is original to 1965 lol!!

  5. @Laughwithusblog I move around ALL the time, last place was the longest I’ve stayed anywhere 1year and 2months! I am hoping this will be a permanent location for us. I really love it here, and I don’t want that love to fade so piece by piece i’m just going to fix it. You’ll just have to keep giving me your honest opinion lol!

    Once for a stage show I actually painted and entire set pepto bismol pink… I have to admit i liked it a little too much lol!!

  6. @Eve I once lived in a house where each wall of my bedroom was a different colour: one purple, one blue, one pink and one white.

  7. Wow….That is quite an interesting color O.o I honestly think a nice creamy yellow or beige would lighten that space right up!

    Good luck with the kitchen reno/makeover! I’ve noticed from my mom these last 11 years that a good kitchen is not a want with most woman, it’s a NEED!

  8. @Kayla I was thinking yellow too!!! especially if the counters are being replaced and hopefully NOT yellow like they are now lol.

    a workable kitchen is definitely a NEED. There is only ONE outlet in my kitchen so I had to get creative with power bars lol.

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