OC Transpo could ban supersized strollers on buses – Ottawa – CBC News

The fact that they would even consider this is ridiculous!! I am a mother to two boys, use a double stroller and I don’t own a car. This is just barbaric, honestly. What gives them rights to discriminate against people who need to use transit.

“No you can’t come on the bus, your too fat.” How would that go over?? Honestly, give your heads a shake!

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  1. p.s. make sure you make your voice heard and make formal complaints.

  2. That is seriously ridiculous! I feel like its definitely discrimination. How else are you suppose to get your babies around.

  3. oh yeah trust me some e-mails we sent out… if this is even consider here in Vancouver wow. I have seen this trying to pass in places in the US and Canada. I will organize protests myself I swear it!

  4. On an airline if you’re too big some carriers will ask you to pay for a second seat!
    I have to admit, I am a fan of the size restriction (NOT banning completely)…in certain places. Like the museum, etc. (only place I’ve actually seen it enacted thus far) BUT on transit?? People are taking the bus because they don’t have a car to pack the kids into, not just to make life miserable. I could see them asking someone with a huge stroller to wait for the next bus if there were people in wheelchairs occupying those spaces, but if there’s not, why can’t a mom use it?

  5. @josh and Melinda an airplane doesn’t really count here… who brings strollers on airplanes? Can you even do that?? Size restrictions in museums is silly too, anyone should be able to access ALL things. ALL fat ppl, ALL wheelchairs, ALL strollers despite their size. Discrimination is discrimination. I take the bus daily, if spots are in use i wait for the next one. You can’t deny me usage because i have a double stroller or a single for that matter. It is bad enough buses with stairs refuse to one: help me onto the bus or two lower the stairs the same way they would for a wheelchair. How on earth can I carry a stroller onto a bus by myself?? ridiculous, the transit system is just wasting away to useless-ness. I thought they wanted to encourage users, not discriminate against the people who truly need it.

  6. Agreed to disagree, BUT want to share in case you do have to fly anywhere, strollers are allowed on planes! Parents get super benefits when travelling, all your usual luggage allowed, PLUS a stroller or carseat, and small children don’t usually even have to have a seat paid for. Not to mention pre-boarding, and any goodies the flight attendants can sneak to the cute kids.

  7. @josh and melinda; i never knew that! That is pretty nice… makes me wish I wasn’t struggling to make rent payments every month or feed myself I would take advantage of that.

    Luckily the bus is 2.50 only lol.

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