I have come to the conclusion that winning things only gets me hooked on the products.  Now I have a new thing.  A while ago I won a contest over at Single MaMa in LA.  Now Sassy Mama in LA.  It was for this mood booster called Be Happy.  You can read above etc etc.

They look like this:

I didn’t even think this would do anything but HELL I will try anything once if it will subdue the venom spitting dragon within!  So when I received these in the mail after waiting and waiting EVER so patiently and ever so excitedly, I downed one.  I downed one, dressed Eldest and went to vote.  WALKED the WHOLE way.  I would love to google map you how exactly far it really was but I can’t.  Just let me tell you it was FAR.  Uphill the whole way home and Eldest walked the whole way too!  I’ll be damned if I have to carry him up a HUGE hill, that kid is walking, period!  Anyways he did fine no problems other than about five minutes of whining… yes that is when he finally started asking me to carry him… rough.  “Mommy, hugga me???” “Mommy, I need a hug.” then lastly just the noise “eeh!” with his arms in the air… all just to get out of five more minutes of walking.  Silly bean.

But back on topic here, this little be happy thing honestly works.  I don’t know if it is the placebo effect or what, i don’t really care.  All I know is I want more.  LOTS more, one daily kinda more… damn things are expensive… and heavy.  I have one day left… I don’t know what I will do.  It honestly is amazing really just mellows my whole day and staples a smile on my face and puts a bounce in my step.  My depression has been so unnoticeable and easy to overcome the last few days.  I want to get my hands on more of this!  Soon I hope soon. 

Samantha's Day

so check her out and give her some love cause she showed this amazing product to me and it is just awesome!!

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  1. See, I get crazy at work and don’t read awesome posts like this! I am so happy you had great effects. I loved it also! Thanks so much for the shoutout too :). In between work, buying my domain and now transferring for Blogger to WP, my blogging is backed up. Maybe I need some more of this eh? LOL

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