Spring has sprung and that means that this lady is all about adding a bunch of color to her house. I mean Spring is all about bringing new life, which is why I wanted to find a way to breathe some new life into some upcycled items. When I was gifted with a pack of these spicy ginger beers one night for my boys and I to enjoy I just loved the size of the bottles. They were small but the perfect size to do something with, so I cleaned them and saved them for a rainy day. When a rainy month came along it gave me time to find inspiration to create these super simple DIY upcycled vases.


Bottles of your choice: use something recycled or go hunting for something simple at the dollar store or a thrift shop.
Chalk board paint. You can find this at any dollar store.


This is a super craft that you can manage to pull off over the course of a day. After washing and drying your bottles in full, you can begin to paint your bottles. Now you will have to wait for each coat to dry but after a few of them you are left with a really lovely end product.

PinkBottleVase001 BlueBottleVase001These simple little things will help you add that splash of color to your outdoor garden, spring party or BBQ, baby shower or any other event. Best part is you can choose any color you like, all you have to do is make or find the chalkboard paint. Since you are using chalkboard paint it also gives you great customising options. Use them to number and label tables at a wedding, honestly the possibilities are completely endless.

Nothing more simple than breathing new life into an unloved object to create a little bit of beauty for any occasion. Even

Where would you use these DIY upcycled vases?


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