Now when you run a daycare you come into the problem of finding activities and one teach and two are fun.  For me baking is an easy choice, my kids love to help bake.  BUT not every child is exposed to it and when kids are in groups they are easily excitable.  So what is my solution???

Make sure you PRE MEASURE everything, just like a cooking show.  I choose to do this while they all take an afternoon nap so i have time to do it slowly and clean as I go while I prep.  When they wake up all I have to do is say “now put that container in here…” while the other one stirs.  Next ingredient you switch turns so it is ALWAYS fair.  Three year olds hate it when you fail to do everything EVENLY and FAIRLY.

my baking station. 

The end result

As always my banana muffins were a hit!  Not just because they got to mash up bananas for it lol!! Plus they never notice the amount of wheat germ i put in it, making it nutty and EXTRA healthy.  If i have some finely ground flax seeds on hand I try and use that as well.  We’ve been really broke so far this month just scrapping by but we’re getting thru it.  Soon things will be easier. 

Hubby’s newest job kinda disappeared… or at least isn’t as steady as we’d hoped; his employer has turned off her phone and wont phone him back or tell him when to work (she is apparently ill according to another employee who HAS been working.) so just in case once again we are back to square one and hubby is on the job hunt JUST IN CASE.  So sad, especially knowing this last one took him a year of looking to find only to last three weeks, not complete weeks cause shes a flake.  Just discouraging for hubby as well.  Pray for us and hope he finds a steady RELIABLE job soon. 

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  1. Great tips for baking. Kids love to do that!

    Hope your husband finds work soon. I can’t imagine how stressful that must be. Hang in there!

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