Inspirational Netflix List

I have to admit it, I can’t deny it any longer. This March I have been in a complete rut, the seemingly endless winter has really gotten me down this year and this last major rain fall seemed like the tip of the iceberg for me. I am finding it hard to get things together this month, I am behind on a lot of things regarding my home life. Everything is dragging from getting Lacrosse information together all the way to getting our taxes filed. Everything has just been a super long dragging fight. As if I am having to walk through a pool of waist height mud just to get anywhere.

Am I the only one that is feeling like this??

I can’t possibly be… I know with Spring break just finishing and this being our first week back at the school drop off/pick up grind I know that I can’t be the only mother feeling this way. This is why I wanted to create something special with the one thing that is always consistent in all of our lives: our Netflix. I set out to create this amazing list of things you can watch to help you get the most out of the everyday, shows you can find inspiration in. A Netflix binge-list to get you out of your rut and creating some HUGE things in your life.


Inspirational Netflix List!!

No Tomorrow

With so much weighing down on us these days I love this show as a reminder to really go for it in life. To straight up stop making excuses not to do things and just doing them! To pop that personal bubble and really start doing all those things you have never done. Want to try sword fighting?! GO DO IT?! Want to finally get your first tattoo?! GO DO IT! Why wait?? life is too short to wait!!

Inspirational Netflix List


Now if you love to cook like I do then you need to watch Cooked! It does an incredible job inspiring you to love your food again and love what you put into your body. To really appreciate every ingredient, every step that goes into what you cook for yourself, your family and for others. From learning to love the real process of bread to understanding how cook fire makes our food taste they cover it all with the upmost amount of passion, a passion that is contagious!

Hit Record

If you haven’t watched this and are a creative or artistic person you need to make this apart of your life, truly inspire your creativity! This show turns massive artist collaborations into works of pure genius. These will make you laugh, cry hysterically, smile so much your face will hurt and the most important to inspire you to connect with your creative self. To not let your fears hold you back when it comes to putting yourself out there artistically!



Now this may not be the most conventional thing to put on this inspirational list, but I still think it counts for music alone. The character in this movie even uses his mother’s vocals in his EDM music – he gets his first shot at performing at the biggest rave XOXO and he is only in high school. A little crazy but it inspires adventure and to never give up. Again the music is incredible. You should watch it for the music alone.


To inspire some wanderlust, a sense of great adventure in yourself for the Spring and summer months. This show not only sits there and inspires you to travel it also inspires you to love more and appreciate more and to trust a little more in the human race. There aren’t enough nice things to say about these fun Vancouver boys taking us all over the world to experience it all first hand through their eyes. Pretty inspiring they have the chance to do something so spectacular for us to follow along with!

Tell me what would you add to my inspirational Netflix list??


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