Traditionally, if you’re going camping, it means you’re dedicated to ‘roughing it’ in the outdoors for one or more nights – or as close to ‘roughing it’ as you want to get. However, this is the age of technology, and we have all become a little… how do I say this… spoiled. People don’t go camping; they go ‘glamping’, a much more posh way to spend time in the rugged outdoors. So rather than your axe and box of matches, you should be thinking about some more useful things to help you and your tech game like; downloading some useful apps and grabbing some cool gadgets. I mean I want to help you capture your ‘rugged’ moments in the woods this Spring and Summer so here is the tech you need for your next camping trip!


Decades ago, one would not take along a camera on a camping trip unless they were a researcher or some kind of special reporter. However, today, anyone with a phone can become an amateur photographer (at least). The ProShot app allows you to take your normal smartphone shot but then make it much better via editing and enhancement features. This app will make any camping hater the best camping fan out there, everything will look so Instagram worthy!


Who says you can’t look fabulous while camping? Goodlook grants you the wisdom of one who has an excellent eye for fashion. Sure, you’ll need gear that keeps you warm and dry but why not look great on top of that? Get fashion advice for men and women from people within the fashion industry. The app is refreshed each day with new ideas.

Clap Phone Finder

So you’ve dedicated much thought and energy toward gathering needed items. You’ve brought along all the essentials, your smartphone being among the most important. However, you’re very talented at losing your phone. No problem, the Clap Phone Finder allows users to clap to locate their phone, which responds with a custom alert.

Weather Live Free

Get it on Google Play. The handy app serves up weather insight for locations around the world. In theory, camping may sound like an okay idea, but now you can actually prepare for the weather and conditions ahead. Get detailed information about weather patterns in any location throughout the seven day forecast. For hotter days, you might want to consider bringing a portable camping fan along. You can choose a good one at Ardent Footsteps where they have a great selection of great items!

Glow Rope

If you’ve gone camping before, you know how prone one is to tripping over the tent ropes at night. However, when the rope and metal anchors are bright and neon, even the clumsiest person can avoid them. It seems such a simple fix to a recurring and global camping problem.

Light Up Tactical Knife

Okay, you have one hand on the fish you caught earlier and the other is holding the knife. It’s a bit dark out; you probably need a light to see better. Where’s that flashlight? With a light-up tactical knife, there’s no need to worry about fetching your flashlight or growing another arm. The SOG knife is sharp enough to address most meats and deeds and the handy light makes cutting with precision a cinch.

Shower Bag

One of the lost luxuries of indoor life is taking a hot shower. Some clever engineers came up with the idea for a ‘hot shower’ camping bag. The black bag absorbs the sun’s heat throughout the day, warming the water inside. When it’s time, hang the sack from a branch of a tree, pop the nozzle, and enjoy a warm and indoor-like shower.

Do you have any apps or camping tech that you love?


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