When I was little I remember going to this… foggy memories, but still some memories lol.  The smell of the smoke off the BBQ chicken from the Legion, or the amazing Italian sausage from Rockies. 

We have such a large and diverse community it is amazing how every year this festival is the same but completely different all at once. 

I would like to take the time to share some more amazing photos from our day.  It was so hard for us to go out Hubby is sick and it was sooooo hot.  I look like a lobster its great, i just hope I at least managed to get some color on my face.  My face clears up so nicely in the summer usually, and i’m tired of this humid spring destroying my face. 

A few of the cars from the show and shine, I have more cars pics that I loved but these are some of the ones i really liked.  Especially the last one, that cracked me up, same with hubby. 

The view from the top of the steepest hill we had to walk up back home
Me zooming in on the crowd with my pimp camera from the top of that hill. 
The crowd from inside the crowd!
Random guy from High school i spotted… hes also a yo-yo master… literally, there hes on a super tall uni-cycle!

But enough about the whole event what about the kids!!!  Well, honestly.. didn’t take many pics of them that turned out well but here are some of the shareable ones. 

Eldest enjoying his ice cream!

both boys enjoying the ride! Especially youngest there sitting in the nice cool shade of his stroller 🙂

Hope you all had a great day too!!!

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