Cavalia Odysseo Vancouver

Cavalia Odysseo Vancouver is here and it is a marvel to see. This show brings it all to the table: incredible talent, incredible costumes, incredible horses and incredible food for those who take advantage of their VIP treatment. Cavalia is a massive production with huge tents to build, horses to train and an armies worth of people to pull it all together flawlessly – and they do an incredible job at it.

There is so much that goes into a show like those all the way down to the specialty sand they have brought in just for their horses optimal comfort. The best part is the horses have a great deal of impact on the show each and every night. Since they let the horses lead the mood of each show you know you are in for a unique treat since every show will be a little different. Knowing that makes the show even more spectacular.

Cavalia Odysseo Vancouver

When you see the incredible acrobatic skills of the cast your jaw will hit the floor, the things these amazing people can do is mind boggling. From jumping like kangaroos to do thousands of flips or flying from the ceiling they just keep you guessing with every act. Every act has its own unique feel and spectacular sights to see. They change the mood so well, the night scenes definitely being some of my favorites for sure with the beautiful starry skies in the background and beautiful blue lighting.

Adding the VIP treatment to your night at Cavalia makes it ones of the most incredible evenings you can have with friends and family. They provide a delicious dinner spread for everyone, with fancy foods all over like: Top Sirloin steaks in Chimmichurri sauce, little shrimp wonton thingies, salmon locks, beautiful red lentil curries and so much more! But for the little ones, and my hubby who is a simple man as he said, they had the kids corner where you could snag some pizza, mini burgers and even popcorn! Even better was that Everything Wine was the sponsor making the wine glasses, beer and champagne endless for your whole evening. But you have to remember to leave room for dessert because it is phenomenal – a massive spread of literally everything you could dream of. Cheesecake everything, tiramisu, chocolate cakes, lemon coconut bars and so many more things I wanted to try but didn’t have the room for.

They really treat their guests the best at this show and you really can’t go wrong spending a night here with all your loved ones. Bring them all the more the merrier cause this is exactly as they say: the BEST SHOW ON EARTH.

When will you be going to Cavalia Odysseo? They’re so at demand they have added some more dates and times!!

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